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Today I will try to present the best possible phone models for specific groups of people. Regardless of whether you plan to buy your child's first phone, you are looking for a reliable phone, or you like innovation, you will definitely find something for yourself!

1. "Let it work"

Telephones in the category "As long as it works" are certainly not equipment for the demanding. Such a phone should have two features: be cheap and as such work. These telephones will certainly be suitable as a first phone for a child or as a phone for an elderly person. Offers from the category "Any action" are in the price range up to about 135 British Pound.

There are not many offers in the group up to British Pound 135. The phones from Xiaomi deserve special mention: Redmi Go, equipment that is sold in two colors: black and red. It has a very low price because only 349 British Pound. And that's his only advantage. In Poland, it can be purchased only in the configuration of 1 GB RAM and 16 GB internal memory. This is a gem of technology, but it will certainly provide basic needs.

The next phone worth noting up to £ 135 is Redmi 7 version with 32 GB of internal memory and 3GB of RAM. The phone looks much more modern but costs twice as much: 134 British Pound. However, the phone also has several advantages. Thanks to the teardrop-shaped screen, it looks modern, and has two quite good for this price shelf, nice cameras, and has a fingerprint reader on the back, the whole is enclosed in a nice gradient housing. In my opinion it is the best choice up to 135 British Pound.

2. Medium-low price shelf

Telephones in the "Medium-low price" category are characterized by fairly good technical specifications and prices range from approximately £ 135 to approximately £ 230.

Here, the first to be mentioned is the sales hit of the year, Redmi Note 7. This is in fact a more extensive version of Redmi 7. Compared with its poorer version, it can boast of attention, now a long list: a better processor and graphics system (which translates into better performance), a bit larger screen, but made with much better resolution, and better cameras. And you only have to pay extra £ 100. It's worth it for me.

The second reasonable proposition in this price shelf is Honor x8. It offers very much too little. For 211 British Pound we get 128 GB of internal memory and 4GB of RAM, proprietary medium-plate processors and graphics from Huaweia and a dual camera. From its cheaper predecessors it is distinguished by the NFC module (payment by phone), better specification and the phone is protected by Corning Gorilla Glass 5.

3. Medium shelf

This is a price shelf that does not lack really good phones. It includes this year's "medium" and some of last year's flagships. In this category we will find smartphones made more neatly than in previous categories, and we will be able to count on innovative solutions. Prices in this group range from about £ 230 to about 446 British Pound.

The first phone definitely worth recommending is Xiaomi Pocophone F1 version 6 GB RAM and 64 GB internal memory. When the phone came out the market introduced a revolution. It offered top performance for the average price. And although 8 months have passed since the premiere, the phone at its price of £ 250 still offers a lot. As I mentioned, it has great performance (the phone does not jam, works smoothly), an IPS matrix with Full HD + resolution, a large battery, unfortunately only decent cameras, and unfortunately no NFC module. Despite this lack, the phone is one of the leaders in quality / price.

The next phone will be two phones from Samsung: A70 and A50. Both are not particularly different from each other. We will buy Samsung A50 for £ 310. It offers a very good screen, one of the best in this price shelf if not the best, reasonably good cameras, NFC module, large battery and up to lenses on the back of the housing. It also has a fingerprint reader stitched under the screen, but this is probably far from ideal. By. many reviewers are in the wrong place and do not always recognize our finger. Now it's the turn of the A70. This one has several arguments to cost £ 200 more. It is primarily a screen 0.3 inches larger (of course, not everyone will consider it an advantage), a longer battery and a better camera.

Now it's time for Xiaomi MI 9, which made a sensation. It is recognized as a leader in the price / quality ratio. For less than 388 £ (because in the cheapest version it costs 325 £) we get a good camera, a magnificent 6.4 inch Full HD + screen, NFC, flagship processor, triple lens on the back of the camera giving satisfactory results, wireless charging and many more. In my opinion the best phone up to £ 388.

4. Higher and highest shelf

Representatives of this shelf offer the latest solutions, the best polished details and the best gutters. Prices start somewhere from 446 £ and end with the creative imagination of the creators: D Due to the fact that in this category I have many products to describe, I will not describe them in such detail.

To start with OnePlus 6t. This phone is difficult to fault. Good camera Is. Good display Is. GOOD fingerprint reader on the screen? Is. Unfortunately, it is for 545 £.

Then for 660 £ we can buy last year's Huwawei Mate 20 Pro. Mainly it stands out with its beautiful appearance and GREAT, one of the better camera on the mobile market.

For 600 £ we can buy OnePlus 7 PRO. It is distinguished by completely filling the front of the device with the screen. This was achieved by moving the camera to the module that slides out from the top. The whole looks insane and flies fast as hell.

Then for £ 850 we can become happy buyers of the Samsung Galaxy S10 +. It is distinguished by an outstanding camera, an outstanding screen and generally outstanding everything.

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