Android tricks, tips and hacks

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Are you an Android owner? These tricks are worth knowing.

Unknown tricks and tips for Android can be useful for us in everyday life. For example, that the LED lamp from the camera can measure the pulse, or that you can use Linux on Android. See what other tricks and tips Android phones have.

Did you know that your phone can measure your heart rate even if you don't have a special heart rate monitor?

Yes, that's right. Just use the camera LED light and the free application downloaded from the Google store. We simply open the app, put our finger to the diode and start the measurement. The finger should be fairly well pressed and held still.

Dozens or hundreds of call or message notifications arrive on your phone every day. Sometimes there are so many that you accidentally remove something very important and then there is a problem.

You can write to a friend: send me a message again because I accidentally deleted it, but writing such a message to an important or even key customer would be a big tactless on our part.

Fortunately, you can quickly check what it was. You hold your finger in an empty place on the screen, enter widgets, find the settings icon (classic cog), hold your finger on it and drop it on the desktop. Now in the open menu select the Notification log option and that's it. You have permanent access to the notification archive.

This option makes life much easier and saves us a lot of stress. Sometimes we will copy the text and forget to send it. What to do when it's time to chase and we don't know where to look for the text? While typing on a standard Android keyboard (Gboard), touch the arrow on the left on the bar above the keyboard, then touch the three dots and enter the Clipboard. Here we can find copied or cut text. This can be useful, e.g. to find a copied web address or the content of a long message that we don't want to rewrite.

So let's remember the storage box and everything is clear.

Keywords: hacks, tips, android, phone, tricks

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