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Telephone spam - how to avoid telemarketers on iPhone and Android?

Probably everyone once received a phone call from a strange, unknown number, which turned out to be ordinary telephone spam urging us to participate in some show, promotion or other commercial action. We explain how you can protect yourself against such irritating connections.

Intrusive telemarketers are a problem that probably every phone owner has encountered. Annoying phones that want to encourage us to the next promotion can be effective, because sometimes in one day you can get even several such connections. Fortunately, there are ways to significantly reduce unwanted connections, although some of them unfortunately have some disadvantages. However, it seems that the problem of telephone spam will not be resolved too quickly, so we just have to compromise and find ways to fight it.

Here are some ways how to fight unwanted calls on iPhones and Android phones.

1. Checking the numbers in the database Who called me

The best solution is to check the numbers on a regular basis, because marketing agencies often change numbers and old numbers are no longer up to date, and new phone numbers are constantly arriving. However, some telephone numbers may be needed and have good feedback. So let's check every unknown telephone number in the uknown phone number uk database.

2. Blocking numbers manually

The easiest way is simply to manually block the number from which the unwanted caller calls you. Both iPhones and Android phones allow you to easily block a selected number. For iPhones, just go to the last calls in your phone's app and choose the lock option next to the number. On Android, on the other hand, press and hold the number for longer and then select the block from the context menu. This is obviously not an ideal way, but at least it guarantees that after some time the number of unwanted calls should definitely drop.

3. Using the appropriate application Answer the phone?

The problem of telephone spam is so common that applications have been created that protect us from unwanted connections and do it so effectively that they are used by thousands of people around the world. We recommend the following programs.


Truecaller is an application that, when installed, opens access to its huge user base, based on which the application identifies the caller and can automatically reject phone spam. Of course, for this purpose the program also needs information about our phone. In this way, we provide our number, full contact list and name, but nothing suspicious. After all, Truecaller works on the basis of a huge database of secure / dangerous numbers, which after installing the application also joins our phone.

Trulecaller - iOS version
Trulecaller - Android version

Call Blacklist

Call Blacklist works on the simple principle of blocking numbers that we put on the title blacklist. This means that we will block an unwanted number only after it has been contacted, although it is also possible to block, for example, private numbers or all persons who are not on our contact list. It is also worth adding that Call Blacklist can block SMSs as well as numbers according to a specific prefix (e.g. with an area code from another city).

Call Blacklist on Android

Answer the phone?

This application works on similar principles as Truecaller also collecting data on specific telephone numbers. Thanks to which, before answering the call, we know whether a telemarketer is calling us, any cheater or other unwanted number. Importantly, the database is constantly updated by the users of the application itself, and it requires an internet connection to work properly, because the number data is stored on its owner's server.

Answer the phone? - Android version

4. "Do not disturb" function - Do Not Disturb

The most radical option to avoid unwanted phone calls is the "Do Not Disturb" feature (DND - Do Not Disturb) available on both iPhone and Android phones. After turning it on, you will be able to receive calls only from people on your contact list, so there is a good chance that you may miss a phone you would like to answer anyway. On the other hand, this connection can be checked later in voicemail, which does not change the fact that it is quite a radical option. It can be recommended only to people who regularly supplement and look after their contact list.

As you can see, smartphone owners have several options to fight off intrusive callers, so if you don't have one yet, it's definitely worth switching to.

SPAM - how to avoid telemarketers on Who Called Me UK

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