Which phone numbers are scams?

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What are the scams involving missed calls and SMS from anonymous numbers?

Phone scammers start by calling your phone. You will be disconnected suddenly without adequate response time. In this case, the electronics will report the lack of signal. Missed messages contribute to a scam in two ways. Each time you decide to send another message, you will be redirected to the premium rate service (the longer your message takes, the more SMS costs). The notification can show you this.

The scammer will usually let you know you've won a prize and send you another number to send you a message asking you to 'claim' your bonus, but with no information on how much those nuisance calls may cost. The second number can be a premium number which again costs you a lot of money to get the bonus.

Text scams involve texting you from a number you don't know, but the text sounds like it's coming from a friend - something like, "Yes, that's John. I came back!" or "Hey big buddy, happy birthday! The scammers try to flirt with the victims and appear to be very intimate. Most people answer by asking who it is and continue chatting. After discovering that they received a high rate when sending text messages (in rare cases, there are also processing costs for the messages).

Among the missed calls in the customer reviews saved in our phone book, most often you can meet all kinds of organizations such as transport companies, telemarketers, courier companies, insurance companies, sale of FTT by phone, as well as mobile telephony (Orange, Play, Plus, T-mobile) calls us with many new offers.
Watch out for signals
Please report it in our database who called me uk

You will report it on our reverse phone lookup page, regardless of whether you received such a call or email or received a call or SMS and you know it's a scam. To protect them, you should spread the word to your friends and family as well.
Geographic numbers

Numbers 01 and 02 Calls from landlines usually cost up to 9p per minute; Calls from cell phone numbers range from 3p to 40p per minute based on a set of calls. The digits 01 and 02. Both numbers cover different areas in Great Britain which are reserved for households and businesses. Landline phones typically have a call start fee and call rates are based on the time of day. Many mobile operators sell call packages of the day.
Premium rate codes
Short text code numbers for a mobile phone

They are five or six digits long and usually start with 5, 6, 7, or 8. They are commonly used in applications to pay for extra content, donate to charity, join tournaments, and buy games and ringtones. You'll see these numbers in ads asking you to write a specific phrase or collecting promotional messages asking for an immediate response.
118 - Directory Queries

For directory inquiry services, numbers starting with 118 are used. Costs: Most phone calls will charge you a connection fee (can be anywhere from 50p to £ 4) followed by a charge for every minute you use the line (typically £ 5 per minute) .
0871, 0872 or 0873 numbers

Customer service lines such as support lines, chat lines, tarot / horoscope lines, and sales / booking lines are usually used with these phone numbers. From a BT landline, the cost can range from 11p to 15p per minute, and from mobile phones from 20p to 41p per minute. The cost of calling 087 numbers consists of two parts: the access fee, which goes to the telephone operator.
070 numbers

070 numbers may look like cell phone numbers, but they are special and can be more expensive. These cell phone numbers are mostly used by small businesses and sole proprietorships to prevent the handover of a personal phone number. However, PhonepayPlus may investigate these numbers if it is found that they are being misused and the cost of the call exceeds 10p per minute.
09 phone numbers

These numbers are mainly used in contests, TV voting, horoscopes, chats, adults, and maintenance lines. Costs: From 9p to £ 1.69 per minute from a BT landline (other landlines up to £ 2.60 per minute) or from £ 50 to £ 2.50 per minute from mobiles.
Contact the organization managing the service

If you are interested in asking for a fee, you should first contact the owner of the phone number that runs the service. To find out who is running the operation and company contact details, please use our phone number lookup database lor call your mobile operator to ask for operator connection details.
What is SMS and trivia scam?

A typical SMS contest or quiz scam might come as a text message and might invite you to bid on a fantastic prize (e.g. mp3 player). A letter (or sometimes an advertisement) may even encourage you to compete in the quiz, with great reward if you answer a series of questions correctly. Fraudsters make money by paying incredibly high fees for the messages you provide, plus any other messages you deliver. Such costs for such messages sent and / or received can be as high as £ 2. For trivia scams, the first set of questions will be really simple. This is to allow the game to continue. However, it may be difficult or impossible to answer the last one or two questions that you need to answer in order to claim your "reward".
Watch out for signals
How to protect yourself against fraud
You see a "missed call" but can't remember any.
Your phone didn't ring.
The telephone number begins with 09 (call to a premium number).
The person on the line seems very intimate, but he is not your friend.
When you make a missed call, the programmed voice will ask you to dial another number (often starting with 09) plus the cost of the call.
Protect yourself against fraud by using missed phone calls and text messages from unidentified callers.
Using missed calls and text messages against anonymous numbers to protect against fraud. It's best not to reply to texts or missed calls from phone numbers you don't remember.
Be careful with phone numbers that start with 09. These are very expensive and very expensive.
Pay attention to numbers starting with 09 in SMS and MMS. These are paid for at premium cost.
You will receive a text message giving you the chance to win a fantastic prize by sending a reply message to type in to participate in the draw.
The text message tells you that by competing in the quiz via SMS, you can win a great prize. Even the first message may contain a very simple query that confuses you.
The text message (or other ad) does not contain information on how to avoid receiving further messages.
Use judgment; Seemingly good deals can always be scams.
Carefully review all terms and conditions of the offer: Claims that seem too good to be true probably are.
Remember how to stop any subscription services you may be using.
It's best not to reply to texts or missed calls from numbers you don't remember.
Be careful with phone numbers starting with 09. They are paid at an increased rate that will cost you a lot over time.
Note the beginning of the phone number. If it starts with 09 in SMS and MMS. These are paid at a high rate (sometimes per message only) which can be very costly.

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