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1642848006 (2022-08-17 16:20:19), 7973306488 (2022-08-17 16:07:37), 7771555599 (2022-08-17 15:47:32), 1516385395 (2022-08-17 15:46:41), 7488872028 (2022-08-17 15:27:50), 1615203683 (2022-08-17 15:26:16), 1162838364 (2022-08-17 15:11:13), 8438689664 (2022-08-17 15:08:53), 7360274559 (2022-08-17 15:03:04), 7719 (2022-08-17 15:00:55), 7438351423 (2022-08-17 14:58:45), 7443481951 (2022-08-17 14:57:42), 7463747907 (2022-08-17 14:56:34), 1216674169 (2022-08-17 14:48:00), 1212485544 (2022-08-17 14:43:32), 7488873288 (2022-08-17 14:43:02), 1292800150 (2022-08-17 14:41:19), 3300015340 (2022-08-17 14:23:02), 1935829313 (2022-08-17 14:10:03), 2825777017 (2022-08-17 14:01:22), 2030977727 (2022-08-17 13:50:14), 2033180866 (2022-08-17 13:46:18), 2825777025 (2022-08-17 13:43:50), 8438740868 (2022-08-17 13:42:53), 1664444306 (2022-08-17 13:40:23), 1261890984 (2022-08-17 13:29:39), 7488873373 (2022-08-17 13:21:04), 1540651454 (2022-08-17 13:11:00), 7850217169 (2022-08-17 13:10:30), 1732822657 (2022-08-17 13:08:26), 1144075231 (2022-08-17 13:06:38), 1916670049 (2022-08-17 13:01:18), 7520644681 (2022-08-17 12:53:52), 1312289393 (2022-08-17 12:25:56), 7711228025 (2022-08-17 12:11:38), 1416391364 (2022-08-17 12:08:25), 1218230191 (2022-08-17 11:46:28), 7853771668 (2022-08-17 11:36:00), 1543413593 (2022-08-17 11:33:50), 1914771484 (2022-08-17 11:23:49), 1296675466 (2022-08-17 11:21:52), 1902894665 (2022-08-17 11:20:36), 1913863325 (2022-08-17 11:19:50), 8438780466 (2022-08-17 11:03:55), 7480948200 (2022-08-17 11:02:39), 2031372547 (2022-08-17 11:01:24), 2030462392 (2022-08-17 10:57:38), 1413198704 (2022-08-17 10:56:40), 2030462356 (2022-08-17 10:56:20), 7508215913 (2022-08-17 10:55:16), 2034115378 (2022-08-17 10:54:19), 7482685255 (2022-08-17 10:49:30), 1315747928 (2022-08-17 10:49:12), 7458196879 (2022-08-17 10:47:53), 1223854945 (2022-08-17 10:42:05), 7462577236 (2022-08-17 10:29:57), 2080586813 (2022-08-17 10:21:10), 1217900974 (2022-08-17 10:03:47), 7784436670 (2022-08-17 10:01:11), 1903260759 (2022-08-17 09:39:29), 1613307881 (2022-08-17 09:37:19), 7865202059 (2022-08-17 09:18:47), 1246568534 (2022-08-17 09:06:20), 7594712101 (2022-08-17 07:32:18), 63366 (2022-08-17 07:25:39), 1212278239 (2022-08-17 06:51:19), 2921433086 (2022-08-17 06:29:47), 2080973801 (2022-08-16 23:26:13), 2080560256 (2022-08-16 22:16:46), 7305966897 (2022-08-16 21:37:08), 7448440029 (2022-08-16 21:34:31), 7594735927 (2022-08-16 21:16:57), 7594702166 (2022-08-16 20:07:28), 2030897596 (2022-08-16 19:44:58), 7542873928 (2022-08-16 19:30:05), 2036271680 (2022-08-16 19:12:39), 2045206187 (2022-08-16 18:59:26), 2037733559 (2022-08-16 18:50:01), 7467931527 (2022-08-16 18:49:58), 1615203654 (2022-08-16 18:01:21), 7422 (2022-08-16 17:55:38), 7594729427 (2022-08-16 17:48:26), 2030934828 (2022-08-16 17:45:56), 1598300019 (2022-08-16 17:21:16), 1372372906 (2022-08-16 17:00:25), 7379068129 (2022-08-16 16:49:28), 2080587106 (2022-08-16 16:49:13), 7511 (2022-08-16 16:19:09), 7463748296 (2022-08-16 16:12:09), 1642848024 (2022-08-16 16:10:04), 1752266087 (2022-08-16 15:45:33), 1618181749 (2022-08-16 15:37:49), 1446779661 (2022-08-16 15:36:37), 1514561514 (2022-08-16 15:18:28), 7417526836 (2022-08-16 15:15:02), 7951485809 (2022-08-16 15:11:22), 1414890589 (2022-08-16 15:03:50), 1892820533 (2022-08-16 14:58:31), 1332323966 (2022-08-16 14:56:09), 3333031234 (2022-08-16 14:51:47),

Reviews : Just added at the moment

Missed call. Possibly from the Passport Office. Rang back, but it rang off. ( en )
This number keeps calling 07973306488, no idea why, just making themselves a nuisance. Please avoid. They are obviously bored. ( Jez )
Scam ( Stuart Johnson )
SCAM, saying my bank account was at risk. ( Vanessa )
SCAM. Saying that they are my bank and that I have made a purchase from Amazon for £360 and international bankers order for £1400. I terminated the call at this point ( Patricia )
Fraud 08438689664 ( J Jones )
Silent call ( Alan )
SCAM One of those Hi Mum, whatsapp messages to let me know that phone is broken and this is temporary number - blocked and reported to whatsapp - as i know this is total B*******s ( en )
Bogus Amazon call. Claiming will be charged £79 for prime unless speak to manager. ( Johnkee )
SPAM BLOCK BLOCK BLOCK this number. Constant spammers. ( CL )
Automated call some sort of payment via card . Scam... ( Kimmie1970 )
no idea, caller Ayr based, I dont know anyone in Ayr, so have blocked the number! ( ML )
Call from supposed local exchange and when answerphone cut in automated message informed me money had been taken from my card and to press 1 to contact them. Obvious scam as have had identical message from various numbers over the past year. ( SYP )
I gave my details to a Fake BBC New story on Facebook about trading software and this company keeps calling me. I have asked them three times to delete my contact details under the GDPR "right to be forgotten" and they simply get abusive. They are looking for me to "activate my account and upload £200 on a debit/credit card". ( Mark )
SCAM telling me I get free lottery tickets. Oh come on!!! ( Steve )
SCAM. Beware guy & gals. ( Steve )
Comes from Vietnam, hangs up. I treat all of these Vietnam calls as scam, potential fraud and spam. ( en )
Warned of unusual transactions on my card including Amazon and international transfers. Unsubtle scam but using local number identity meant I at least answered the call. ( en )
Fraud: Calls then hangs up...calls from this number are used to verify the phone number being called....then other text messages arrive touting various frauds... ( John Smith )
Safe number ( Carl )
Chancer wanting to know if I wanted to sell my Car, or did I want to buy one……unsolicited call to my mobile - now blocked! ( en )
Automated call
Called me but did not leave a voice message
SCAM says unusual activity on account. 2 charges. One to amazon another to worldwide money transfer says press 1 to accept 2 to cancel. Number does not accept in coming calls ( Marion Eadie )
I keep getting calls from this number which I keep declining as my phone tells me it is a potentially fraud number and they keep calling back but do not leave a number. ( en )
Automated call second call today. Bank loss again. this one from Hednesford town football club apparently ( ken )
Sam press one to permit payments ( en )
BT SCAM saying they were going to cut us off in the 24-48 hrs for illegal use of our internet. Unbelievable. Do not press any buttons after listening to the pre recording.
TAXES / HMRC Phone call pertaining to be from him tax office about a fraudulent claim ( M williams )
STK Strand ( MJ )

The latest mobile phone numbers

Phone number : 7796786235
Review for this phone number 7796786235: Phoned twice this week in afternoons didn’t answer as don’t know number! No message left so they obviously don’t know me

Phone number : 7462577236
Review for this phone number 7462577236: SPAM

Phone number : 1684562400
Review for this phone number 1684562400: Safe number Active Training and Education (ATE Superweeks)
Opinion SAFE

Phone number : 1467374305
Review for this phone number 1467374305: Scam purporting to be Amazon advising of account irregularity.

Phone number : 1615203654
Review for this phone number 1615203654: SCAM O2

Phone number : 1568797867
Review for this phone number 1568797867: Silent call

Phone number : 7867596342
Review for this phone number 7867596342: Scam , says £900 has been withdrawn from my bank through online shopping and asks me to press numbers on my phone to fix it .

Phone number : 1932354192
Review for this phone number 1932354192: SCAM

Phone number : 1514560920
Review for this phone number 1514560920: SPAM call selling loft insulation

Phone number : 7871003221
Review for this phone number 7871003221: SCAM - it told me my apple pay had been suspended and to click on the link, which I didn't do. I blocked the number

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indian guys claiming to be from carphone warehouse and when i said dont try and scam he said why shouldn't i be and put the phone down terrible scammers offering me an iPhone 12 pro max for an upfront cost of £40 and £40 a month with unlimited data i have got this same deal through ee which i pay £93 for.


Restaurants Blue Boar Hungry Man Romford


mirage hair by design


letchworth signs hitchin d manufacturing


pubs bars and inns the lord palmerston (London)


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No one talks


letting agents city estates (London)


thomas hardie commercials ltd preston sale of motor vehicles


multiform machinery ltd


vehicle inspection deptford service & mot centre (London)


knitwear and textiles nova of london ltd (London)


auto body repairs reids vehicle repairs south wirral merseyside


It's a scam, ignore it.


This was Mum and Baby Online trying to flog me life insurance and a photography session.


Local authority schools ynysfach primary school - Neath


south wales baptist college cardiff m education


wymark electrical services ltd swadlincote


james brindley school local authority schools birmingham b15 2af


Just got a call from this number. I didn't catch the name of the company so asked the young lady to repeat the name...she didn't, but went on to ask me when I had my(f...


mixed crops g m james - Aberystwyth


Beady eye and Alex, you seem to be suggesting the problem is with the person being called not the caller. Yes you could go and spend the £50 buying a new phone but why should we...


I said "Hello" and got an automated reply saying "Goodbye"


builders j noonan & son builders newton-le-willows merseyside


mixed crops w p & e watson


mir balti takeaway - take away Halifax


contractors steven yeandle crediton




3 mobile network


These Ambulance chasers are now so lazy that they use recorded messages and a not-very-intelligent automatic system to do their cold calling.




cotswold casement co ltd


Garages - repair and modification william derrick




lancasters ltd barnsley k business services


builders j p kennedy holdings ltd (London)


aim marketing consultants birmingham b15 3aa


charles wilson engineers ltd harpenden


olympia conference centre


caravan components and accessories carsprings engineering co ltd (London)


devizes travel agents bakers dolphin travel


centenary flooring ltd southampton




keep calling!


hate telemarketing


market research albemarle marketing research ltd (London)


carpets rugs and matting holt-tony carpet centre (London)


concrete products smith bros southampton hampshire


queens arms hotel - pubs bars and inns Skipton


pet supplies frandham kennels & tack shop dover

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Our website Who Called me UK (CHECK PHONE NUMBER) was created to meet your needs for checking and exchanging opinions and reviews about unknown phone numbers. On our website you will find various types of analysis for a given telephone number, such as: frequency search charts for a given number, number of individual searches for a given number, last number search results, similar numbers, total number of visits per page, total number searches, number record in the form verbal, general amount of comments in our database and many more. Additionally, for our users, we provide geolocation of landline numbers on our website, including their imaging on the map as well as terrain through the Street View service.

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Your information about who called from the indicated phone number to you will be stored in our database of landline and mobile numbers. Sharing message with other users including phone number can prevent many threats or form positive feedback on subject of a given telephone or company number. Warning of others about the risks of receiving certain dangerous and paid telephone calls from specific phone numbers are now important information thanks to which you can protect against fraud or extortion resulting from large telecommunications charges among others for calling back, writing an SMS, answering a telephone. Who called, what are the opinions, from what network he called or from some mobile operator? Perhaps somebody called on a loan, a loan, a real estate, buying a car, an auction on, on a job, on a case payday or on third party insurance or flat insurance. Someone could also call from a bank or debt collection. Someone could have contacted the hotel regarding a vacation or holiday, from a service company regarding the service ordered, or a courier called with a delivery package purchased on the ebay or online store. Perhaps a missed call is in the case of an advertisement that you posted (posted) in the local newspaper or ?

Among the missed phone calls in the saved reviews in our database by our users, you can most often meet any type companies and institutions such as offices, courier companies, transport companies, telemarketing, insurance companies, sales by telephone, consolidation loans, cash loans and payday loans as well as mobile telephony (Play, Plus, Orange, T-mobile) calling us with a new offer. It is in these departments that many calls are often executable, but often after calling back on a given phone number, no one answers or We connect directly to the central where we do not know who called us. In this situation, the best solution is to find an opinion on a given telephone number, to know who called us and whether we should call back or next time we answer the phone. Currently, when most people in the world have their own tel number, and sometimes several phone numbers, it is difficult to gather all the information in one phone book as it used to be. The best solution here is to inform about the calls who called me to let others check or locate who really calls them.

Welcome to United Kingdom's Free Reverse Phone Lookup Website and Application "Who called me" bt.

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Unknonw phone rings to you - and you receive it when you hear the click of the computer keyboard and that singing voice that says it's a commercial conversation. Or worse, it's a recorded message or no damn voice and just a bell. But instead of being caught up in the world of cheating and bothersome connections, there is a way to determine who called before falling into the dialing trap. Why you should NEVER call back a number you don't recognize (Photo: Getty) Unfortunately, the scammers have found that you can fool someone into calling your premium rate number by rejecting a missed call. And although traditionally premium rate numbers have always been 09 or 0845, everything has changed, and regional numbers are just as likely to be premium rates as more official-looking prefixes. This is because calls can be forwarded. Other premium rate calls can be defined as a short number, 118 direct queries, 070 numbers (often looks like a cell phone number), 0871, 0872, 0823 etc. You will be able to tell if you have been cheated because the number will probably tell you that you won the prize and you should call XYZ to pick it up (another premium rate number). Classic fraud warning signs detect a missed call when you don't hear the phone ringing, no 09 number or a pre-recorded message asking you to select another. Don't send text messages or fraudulent text messages, and fraudulent text messages often pretend to be a friend or someone who hits you. You will answer the way you usually answer (wrong number, etc.), and they will try to engage you in further chat so that you can constantly send the premium rate number. Others include scams with trivia in which they ask you to answer "win a prize." Just do not.

Who Called Me - Reverse Phone Lookup Tool in the UK

Who was calling me? is a powerful phone reverse lookup tool in the UK that helps thousands of people identify who called them every day and determine the nature of a call based on what others are saying about that particular phone number or by providing useful information on the latest fraud techniques, thanks why you can associate the calling script's context with the usual features of a scam.

Below are the latest phone number reports added to our Who Called system and share your opinion with every potentially malicious caller here. Just search for the phone number and add a comment / rating on the page you will be redirected to.

How do fraudulent callers work?

The most common type of fraud is that scammers pretend to be someone else (such as your bank, HMRC or company), and convince you by phone to send them money or reveal your bank details to them.

A very common scam is also sending you an SMS and pretending to be a bank, which asks you to log into online banking via a malicious clone of the bank's website, which looks like a real bank site.
Safety tips

Never disclose your bank details to the person who calls you by phone
Never send any money or pay anyone who calls you over the phone, even if they appear to be an official body.
Never click on the link from the SMS if you receive a blue text message, even if you are threatened that your "bank account will be suspended" if you take no action.
If you are going to call an official body, such as HMRC or your bank, ALWAYS get their phone number from the official website, NOT Google. Some fraudsters may place fraudulent numbers on Google that can be used to steal personal information and money.

Who can call you from unknown phone numbers?

who called me company

1) Companies
An extensive database of phone numbers for companies. Thanks to our portal you can easily check which company you received the connection from. Our database is expanded daily by users who add information about companies from the UK.

who called me marketing

2) Online marketing
Do you receive unsolicited and marketing phone calls from telemarketing? Calls from call centers and online sales departments with marketing offers that you are not interested in? Here you will find verified information on this topic.

who called me danger

3) Dangerous phone numbers
Have you received a dangerous phone call or text from unknown person or unknown United Kingdom company? Are you a victim of premium rate numbers or someone wanted to get your personal information? Don't hesitate. Warn other users!

What are scams using missed calls and text messages from unknown numbers? The scams related to missed calls start by ringing the phone and hanging up so quickly that you cannot answer the call on time. Your phone registers a missed call and you probably don't recognize the number. People often call this number to find out who it is. In addition to being a nuisance, a missed call can lead to fraud in two ways
The number you call back can be forwarded to a premium rate service (number starting from 09) without your knowledge, which means you will be charged a lot of money per minute.
This number may tell you that you have won a prize and give you another number that you can call to "pick up" your prize, but may not tell you how much the call costs. The latter number may be a premium rate number, charging you a lot of money again to receive the prize.

Who called me free results, who is calling me from this number free?

The principle of our portal is very simple! Enter the phone number you are looking for in the search field and press 'enter'. Our database with hundreds of thousands of telephone numbers will identify the desired telephone number! If the number cannot be found, you can easily add it to our database. Share caller information on our portal to help our community. Any useful information can help others, and the whole process will take no more than 2 minutes. You can also update your phone number information, improving the quality of our portal. Our portal only uses publicly available information and verified user reviews to provide caller information. Our service is completely free and available to everyone. We focus primarily on the telephone numbers of individuals and companies located in the United Kingdom. Missed call and wondering whether to call back? But are you afraid that the number is not secure and you will expose you to additional fees? Thanks to our portal and verified opinions of real users, you can quickly verify the identity of the caller. Our portal only uses publicly available information and verified user reviews to present caller information. Our service is completely free and is available to everyone. A large proportion of unknown connections may come from companies or institutions that want to contact us for various matters. However, some of these connections may also come from untrusted sources. If you've received a weird call or unsolicited SMS, don't hesitate to share this information with our community. Remember - your opinion can help others! By adding credible comments, you build valuable knowledge and contribute to the development of our community.

Missed phone calls are often left without checking who called. Often people don't wonder who called me and what the phone was making. Perhaps the person who called at the moment had an important message to send over the phone the club was trying to contact in an important matter. Often, when the phone rings from a Lux company from a state institution, we cannot call back the phone number given because it is a phone number that is used only for external calls and does not support incoming calls. In this case, we remain helpless and uninformed and the only question that wonders who could call us. The only way to do this is to check your phone number on the internet. That is why the price was created our website to serve you to check phone numbers and post reviews for a given incoming call. People who give a given phone number place opinions describing in what matter a given phone number was contacted and why the given phone number called. Other people who search for a phone number can read these reviews and get preliminary information knowing why they called them and who could call them on this or that matter. Because nowadays everyone makes a lot of phone and water calls to everyone because we don't pay for outgoing calls anymore. Most companies and operators of mobile and landline phones have a subscription with no limit of calls where each user can make hundreds or 1000 phone calls to various numbers for free without any fees. In the current situation, the telephone can ring every now and then when a dozen or so years ago the ringing telephone rang much less frequently. If marketing companies have many phone numbers and many employees, it allows them to make continuous calls to another person from time to time. Marketing campaigns as well as promotion and advertising companies can make 1000 phone calls a day. The same applies to the so-called KEN Center where various companies cooperate with their customers and customers by phone by making telephone calls on a very large scale. Free phone calls have also become a method and a way for easy phishing and frequent fraud on the phone where many people try to stretch or deceive other people make phone calls. Nowadays, especially foreign telephone calls from countries such as Asia or Africa or the islands can be very expensive and for a minute of connection we can pay a few or a dozen pounds. In such a situation, taking information about who called us is very valuable because we can then save our money and be safe without receiving a given call from an unknown number. Also, you cannot not answer all incoming calls because they can be important matters. Also, you cannot receive all incoming calls because some of these calls may be dangerous, they may be a phishing or fraud attempt. So it's very good to have constant control over who's calling us from an unknown phone number and whether to answer such a call. A good solution is to install our mobile application or to like our site and visit it often if you want to check an unknown phone number. So, we invite you to use our website so that you feel safe and able to have an effective tool to inform other users of the Internet and our site that will secure many and will be an intermediary for exchanging opinions on unknown phone numbers and telephone connections.

How can i find out who called me for free

You can find out who called to you very easy and for free by eneter the unknown phone number in to our search input with direct prefix number to UK +44 or without direct prefix number to UK.

How can i find out who called me for free

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