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Is mobile spam not particularly annoying yet? at least in Great Britain. Of course, if we use e-mail using a cell phone, the situation may be more serious. Mobbing using phones is an even bigger problem? especially in schools.

These difficulties are likely to increase over time, as demonstrated by the example of other countries. In Japan, 60 percent of residents are already complaining about mobile spam. Similar news also comes from developing countries, even from the Philippines.

Fortunately, there are ways to face spam. In this post I will present several applications that allow you to deal with unwanted SMSs and emails.

These difficulties are likely to increase over time, as demonstrated by the example of other countries. In Japan, 60 percent of residents are already complaining about mobile spam. Similar news also comes from developing countries, even from the Philippines.
What is spam on your phone?

Spam is unsolicited email. They are usually widespread. Most often we associate them with email boxes. It happens, however, that we get them in the form of an SMS, less often in a messenger.

Advertising is a common topic of spam, but it may also contain dangerous links or files, e.g. for phishing passwords or our data.
How do you remove mobile spam?

Here are some applications to deal with spam, including unwanted SMSs and emails.

First of all: Programs to fight SMS spam

If we want only text messages from trusted senders to reach our phone, we can install special software for this purpose. The applications presented here are paid. You can also look for free counterparts, but they will not offer such a rich set of functions.

To block and check SPAM, you can best use the WhoCalledMeUK.co.uk database / website and:

1. SMS Spam Manager

This tool works on the Symbian operating system. It blocks incoming messages if they are classified as spam. The user does not receive any notification about an incoming SMS. You can set your own message filtering rules or limit the number of trusted senders to people in your address book.

SMS Spam Manager costs about 10 pounds. In the UK, it can be bought, among others, in the Inhand store.

2. Advanced Productivity Pack

Another paid tool developed by WebGate. It is a large software package containing (in addition to the SMS Spam Manager described above) also software for managing voice calls and for blocking the cell. The product is intended for smartphone users with Symbian. Advanced Productivity Pack is a very advanced weapon to fight spam, including unwanted conversations.

3. Blacklist Mobile

Blacklist for Symbian users. The program blocks incoming SMSs and calls if:

senders are blacklisted,
the senders are not in the address book,
text messages come from the gates.

The full version of the application costs $ 7.

4. SMSSpaminator (SMS Spam Removal Tool)

Time for a tool designed for Windows Mobile. SMSSpaminator allows you to create rules that distinguish spam from desired messages. The program analyzes the patterns entered by the user and on this basis decides whether the message should be allowed. In addition, the application also protects email accounts.

5. Qimsoft SMS Assistant

The program is designed for devices with the Windows Mobile system. It has four main functions:

block unwanted SMS
sending messages to groups of recipients,
searching contacts.

The SMS blocking function2 is relatively simple. The user defines the blacklist. Its senders will no longer send us any unwanted messages.

Second: email protection

Here the matter is a bit more complicated. Much depends on the protection that the mail server itself offers us. It's better to use mobile programs only when all other methods have failed. Creating a few email accounts is also a great solution. Let's download messages to the phone only from the mailbox whose address is known only to trusted persons. The description of effective techniques for dealing with e-mail spam reaching the phone without the need for advanced software is described, among others, in the article How I nuked mobile spam.

However, if you decide to use applications running in your cell, then you should consider, among others, the following solutions:

6. Pocket SpamFilter

Spam filter for devices with PocketPC 2002 / Windows Mobile 2003 / SE / WM5 / WM6 systems. It has a very rich set of functions, manages many e-mail accounts.

7. Antair Spam Filter

A solution designed for BlackBerry smartphone users. It fully integrates with the phone's inbox. Works with anti-spam protection provided by servers. Supports multiple email accounts.

As you can see, the best and cheapest option for blocking spam calls is ongoing checking of numbers in our system and informing others, because it is free and frequently changed spam numbers are added to the database of numbers on a regular basis.

Check Phone Numbers in WHO CALLED ME

7 ways for mobile spam on Who Called Me UK

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