How to block a number that is spamming with information or by phone - this is the challenge of today's reality. Each of us has sometimes received unwanted calls from telemalketers, harassing salesmen or even pranksters. How to protect yourself against this? Fortunately, modern phones allow this very easily.

Regardless of whether we use an Android or iOS phone, blocking calls from a specific number is easy and convenient. After enabling such blockade, we will stop receiving calls from the given number at all.

The phone will reject them automatically without informing us. They will not appear in missed calls, they will not constantly harass us. Thanks to this, we will be able to forget about unwanted connections once and for all.

Rather, there is no person among us who would be happy to receive SPAM on your phone. Regardless of whether it's telemarketers harassing us with unique offers or totally meaningless SMS messages. Have you ever thought if there is a way to block a number that still hampers our lives? If you've ever wondered how to limit the number of unwanted contact attempts, this text is for you!


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How do you prevent SPAM from being received on your cell phone?

The best way to reduce the amount of text messages and calls you receive is ... preventing them from being executed. You must remember that by completing the online form (contact, registration or any other) in which you provide your telephone number, you should not mark all the consents usually at the very end. Read carefully and decide which of them are really necessary for sending the application correctly.

It is through the non-reflective marking of marketing consents that we enable troublesome call center employees to call our number with invitations to the most fascinating events under the sun.

So instead of getting nervous about waking us up every morning in the morning, let's think about whether we really need to mark this white square when registering.
How to reduce unwanted calls and SMSes?

However, if you have already registered with 105 websites that provide telephone numbers and you have no idea what to do with it, we will be happy to help you. The first way to get rid of the problem is to delete our phone number from the database, which allows us the already famous GDPR.

It is quite undemanding and quick solution. Unfortunately, not always effective. Often, telemarketers have no idea about the applicable rules and discuss with us, or even ignore all arguments.

Fortunately, blocking the number is still available. Today's smartphones often allow us to prevent a given contact from calling us. How can we do this?
Blocking number on an Android smartphone

On the device with the Android operating system we enter the list of recent connections. After finding the insistent number, we must select it and enable the drop-down menu (in some cases, hold the contact for a while).

At this point, we should easily find the option for blocking. Some manufacturer's system overlays allow you to block SMS and calls separately, and some only to both.
Blocking a number on an iPhone

Apple also allows its customers to limit contact with unwanted people. If you want to disable receiving calls from a specific contact, you must select the icon with the letter and the circle next to the number on the call list, then slide down and select Block this person.

In the case of messages, we must open the appropriate application and select a conversation with the contact. In the upper part of the interface we find the icon and in a circle, dial the number and like before we touch Block this person.

On both Android and iOS devices, blocking the phone number that plagues us will prevent him from making calls to us, as well as sending us text messages. This should solve our problems - as long as we repeat this action with each bothersome contact, and our pursuer does not operate hundreds of numbers.

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