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November 30, 2023 15:00:00

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For Sale:

Who Called Me UK is for sale

The current team behind Who Called Me UK is embarking on an ambitious project to create an advanced organic search engine specifically for the UK market, which is set to launch shortly. Given the scale and focus required for this new venture, we find ourselves unable to dedicate the necessary resources and attention to the continued development and management of Who Called Me UK. This situation presents a unique opportunity for a new owner to take over and further enhance this valuable digital asset., a leading website in the UK's telecom sector, is on the market. Known for high user engagement and top search rankings for "who called me uk", "who called me", "check phone number uk", etc., this site offers a unique investment opportunity.

Key Statistics:

  • Views: Over 906 million
  • Comments: 2.83 million
  • AdSense Revenue: Over £197,619 in last 3 years

Additionally, the service includes:

  • 171,070,470 statistics for phone numbers
  • A database of over 1,500,000 searched numbers in the recent period
  • A database of phone number locations
  • Real-Time Caller Activity Tracker system
  • Phone number geolocation system on the map
  • Nearly 14,000 unique blog articles
  • Security system and bot banning features
  • ReCaptcha system
  • Modern and unique software developed from scratch over several years

10-Year Revenue Projection:

  • Realistic Growth Scenario: Approximately £1,107,804, assuming a 15% annual growth.
  • Optimistic Growth Scenario: Approximately £1,554,232, with potential 30-40% yearly growth.

Sale Reason: Due to other commitments, we're unable to continue managing this profitable site, making it a prime opportunity for a new owner.

Special Offer: The new owner will receive a complimentary 1 million ad clicks campaign from our upcoming UK search engine.

This sale represents a rare chance to acquire a high-traffic, well-established website with significant growth potential. It's an ideal investment for those looking to expand their digital footprint in the UK market.

Acquiring is not just an investment in a profitable website, but more importantly, it's a contribution to the digital security of British society. This site plays a key role in protecting against phone scams, offering a unique real-time early warning system unmatched by any other site.

The development of the site offers potential investors the opportunity to capitalize on the growing public awareness of digital threats. By further enhancing its functionality and expanding its database of phone numbers, the site has the potential to become not just a business tool, but an essential element in the UK's security system.

Investing in is not only a financial gain but also participation in a project that has a real impact on improving the digital security of citizens.

The escalating frequency of phone scams and the growing demand for trustworthy information position this site to assume an even more vital role in the future, emerging as a pivotal resource for verification and the safeguarding of digital security.

Investor Appeal: This is more than a website; it's a piece of digital real estate in a high-traffic niche, offering immediate revenue and unmatched growth potential. As an investor, you have the chance to own a well-established online presence, recognized across England, with a ready audience and proven financial success. The potential for expansion and further monetization, especially in an era where online presence is paramount, makes this a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

Additionally, the buyer will receive the source code for the Android Mobile Applications for online number checking. These applications connect to the database, allowing users to see opinions and rankings of phone numbers directly on their mobile device.

We assure the buyer of the service support in every aspect, including technical and administrative assistance, free of charge for the next three months.